Specialist Laptop repair eqipment

In order to ensure we are the best Laptop Repair Specialist in UK,  we constantly strive to purchase only the best and latest in Laptop Repair Equipment/Products. We understand only the best will do for your laptop / notebook.

All our Engineers, after rigorous testing HAND picked the best Soldering Irons and SMD Rework Stations Manufactured today.

Soldering Irons


We have made sure all our Laptop Engineers have a set of two soldering irons. This is because Integrated Chips on a Laptop Motherboard come in different sizes. Therefore, rather than changing the tip of the soldering irons when needed.

Flux & Solder Wire


We have also issued each engineer with sets of Solder Wire. Again, different Chips require different thickness of Solderwire. We have also taken into account that all new laptops are lead-free under ROHS, therefore they have been issued the exact same set but lead-free solder as well. Thus making our engineers immediately ready to work on any type of motherboard.

The same principle has been applied to solder Flux, all engineers are issued with 2 different types of flux. One for normal day in day out SMD work and another for BGA Rework, explained below.

Hot Air Rework Stations

Trade Laptop Repair Solder Irons

When it comes to SMD Integrated Chips we need to use a SMD rework station. Therefore all our engineers have been provided with the Best rework station on the Market, which is manufactured by JBC.

BGA Chip Reballing Rework


Finally, the most difficult repair in the market at the moment is BGA chip failure. You would notice it as your laptop turns on and you do not have a display. This is because, VGA Graphics chip are BGA (Ball Grid Array), the Chip has connectors underneath rather than on the side like SMD chips. Therefore, you can not use a Soldering Iron nor a SMD rework Station.

Around 99% of Laptop Repairers do not have a BGA Rework Station in their repair centres. This unit can remove any BGA chip, let it be Southbridge / Northbridge controller and VGA Graphics Chips. With this Rework station we are able to repair laptops where others cannot, all for the same price…

We fix 80% of BGA failures, with the success rate growing ever more. Do not send your machine with this problem to any repair centre without this equipment, as there is a strong possibility that the machine will be tampered with to the point where it will be beyond economical repair.


Alot of Laptop Repair Centres state they do BGA repairs, well they don’t. Majority heat up the chip using a Hot Air Gun. This is the worst thing to do as the chip can blow and also the air flow can blow other components off the motherboard.

Some say they have a InfraRed Reflow station, even if they did there are currently over 30 ripp off InfraRed Reflow stations on the market, which are all sub-standard. There is only one company in the world, who have patented the InfraRed Technology for BGA reflow over 15 years ago and are being badly copied by Chinese manufacturers. Luckily for us we have the patented station and are happy to say this station is also used by the likes of Dell, IBM, HP, Cisco, Siemens, Marconi, Nortel for in warranty repairs.

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