Fixed price repairs

Fixed Price Repairs From:

Laptop Motherboard Repair : £60
DC Jack Repair : £40
Apple Laptop Motherboard Repair : £80
Apple DC Jack Repair : £60
Apple All in One PC Motherboard/DC Jack Repair : £80
All in One PC Motherboard/DC Jack Repair : £80
Tablet Repair Prices please go to

Please note if any parts are found to be faulty we shall quote.
If a Motherboard/DC Jack repair has been done and we find an addition part to be faulty we shall quote accordingly.

Due to the nature of Motherboard Repairs we cannot tell if you have other faulty parts until we have the unit powered up or semi working. Without a functioning motherboard we cannot test other parts. If a repair to the board is done and we find a secondary fault the initial repair fee is still payable. Please note that 98% of the time our customers are charged the Fixed Priced and nothing more. Only in cases where there is liquid damage we advise you to inform your customer that parts such as a keyboard may be needed as well.

You may report a repair to be DC Jack related but sometimes it isn’t as we find can find Motherboard faults. This will be charged at the rate of a Motherboard repair only. For example we replace the DC Jack and find a blown Power IC (Motherboard repair). You will be charged for a Motherboard Repair only. The greater of the two fixed price repairs, you wouldn’t be charged for both individually.

Please note our Fixed Priced Motherboard/DC Jack Repair includes £5 worth of Motherboard parts.

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